Portable Induction Cooktop Cooker | 1800W Digital Multi-Function Timer Sensor

Portable Induction Cooktop Cooker | 1800W Digital Multi-Function Timer Sensor

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With AU Australian Plug, this portable induction cooker is certified CE, ROHS, PAHS, CB, SAA, EMC, ERP, and LVD.

Induction cookers offer a safe, specialised alternative to stove-top cooking. Powered by electricity, your induction cooker offers instantaneous adjustment to heat levels, allowing for accurate cooking every time.

Compared to standard gas-powered cooking methods, your induction cooker focuses more heat on the cooking vessel, with less heat transference to the rest of the kitchen.

Induction cookers are a safe alternative to gas-powered stovetops that keeps the unit cool to the touch, focusing its heat on the food it’s preparing. Each unit is pre-fitted with automatic protection from overheating. The ceramic plates do not heat up unless a pot is placed onto it.

Powerful cookers don’t have to mean high energy bills. Our 2000-watt induction cookers are highly energy efficient.

Experience advanced cooking technology, with pre-set cooking functions, power and temperature settings, allowing you to secure the perfect heat for your dish. Its LED display is easy to read, offering you a convenient means of keeping track of your cooking ventures.

Optimise your cooking time with our powerful induction cooker.


  • Fashionable design with button control system
  • High temperature resistant
  • AU Australia Plug
  • 4 digital display shows voltage and power consumption
  • 16 protection functions and 3 hours timer and 24 hours preset
  • Flexible power and temperature model
  • Power adjustable: 200W - 2000W
  • Panel Size: 25cm x 25cm